Processing Technology

Offering advisory services with regards to appropriate know-how in processing any food product.


Processing Technology

Preservation & Packaging

Offering advice in appropriate mode of preserving any food product and adherence to packaging standards and also sourcing of packaging materials and machineries.


Food Product Research & Development

It involves identification of new and improved food products. Our experimental product development approach is flexible and versatile for initial sample and early formulation work. We take development of products and processes formed to pilot stages, field trials and storage studies.


Raw Materials & Machinery Sourcing

Assistance in sourcing of various raw materials and machinery required for production process.

Agro Processing Training Programs

It aims at equipping clients with practical know-how with regards to Processing, Packaging, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Food Safety & Quality Standards. We also assist clients wanting to establish any food processing enterprise such as:
  • Fruit processing into juice, dried fruits, jam, marmalade, jellies, wine, etc
  • Soybean & tiger nut processing into flour, oil, milk drink, yoghurt, ice cream, animal feed, tofu, etc
  • Water production
  • Roots & tubers (such as yam, cassava, potato) into glucose, gari, flour, etc
  • Vegetables processing into paste, dried form, puree, caning of fresh produce, etc
  • Bottled coconut water production
  • Bissap drink, palm oil and spices production
  • Re-packaging of various food products such as honey, salt, flour, etc
  • Yoghurt, ice cream and flavoured milk drink production
  • Carbonated and non-carbonated drink production
  • Any other food product requested by client.


The objective of such is to assist clients in getting market access for their products. We achieve this by:
  • Prospecting customer’s for client’s products.
  • Undertaking promotional activity
  • Updating client’s with regards to competitor’s activity such as pricing, new product development, marketing trend and any other relevant information that will enable client to improve upon their product’s performance in the market.
  • Product brand development advisory services.
  • Marketing research activity.
  • Provide market linkage for farmers by linking them to Food Processing Companies and Exporters of fresh farm produce.

Management Services:

We also manage food processing enterprise on behalf of client’s and also assist in staff recruitment for your production facility – factory hands, quality control specialists, production supervisors and engineers. Our management service covers issue with regards to product’s production, quality and safety, materials sourcing and product’s sales and marketing activity. Want to have your product registered by regulatory authorities? We will handle the entire process for YOU. We ensure your facility and product conforms to standard as requested by Food & Drugs Authority (FDA) and Ghana Standards Authority (GSA). Issue with regards to process documentation and appropriate recording requirement are also covered. By enabling you to have your production facility and product conforming to expected standard easily facilitates smooth licensing for your products and facility. Anything short of this delays your registration process.

Food Safety & Quality Management System Training & Development

We assist clients to improve and establish quality assurance check points in their production system. First class training is offered in food safety, quality management systems. Our training involves ISO systems such as ISO 22000, 9001, 14001, 18001 and 28001. Auditing and process documentation is also undertaken.

Laboratory Services

We assist you in establishing an in-house laboratory. Contact us for supply of all laboratory needs such as chemicals and equipment’s. We also undertake laboratory analysis for food products upon request.

Contract Manufacturing

This service is aimed at assisting clients wanting to establish food processing enterprise but don’t have set up requirement. Under this service, we produce various food products such as various types of fruit juice, yoghurt and flavoured drinks according to your specification. Final products bears the clients label.

Pest Control Services

We also specialized in reactive as well as proactive and preventative pest control and with our swift response and industry leading treatments. We can keep your home, offices and factory pest free. Our services include rodent, insect and fly control.

Environmental, Health & Safety Advice

With our team of dedicated health and safety advisors, FoodServe can actively develop innovative and cost saving solutions for people, technology, systems and operations. FoodServe approach to health and safety is built on our passion helping to create working environments in which every individual cares about the health, welfare and safety of their colleagues. We know from experience that it leads directly to a workplace with a reputation as a good place to work – highly productive, innovative and creative. We provide embedded and outsourced environmental, health and safety advice and solutions to meet the specific needs of our valued clients.